heart. beat.

Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019

heart. beat.

heart. beat. is a celebration of the extraordinary people of Edinburgh, the millions of visitors who attend, and the talented artists who make the city the cultural capital of the world for the entire month of August.

heart. focuses on the people of Edinburgh who are, quite literally, the heart of the city - those who tirelessly work to keep the city running day in and day out during Fringe. They are the true heart of Edinburgh and their dedication to their city, their patrons, and Fringe is vital and palpable.

beat. focuses on the millions of worldwide visitors in search of awe and spectacle and the artists that give their all to keep the streets and performance spaces packed throughout Fringe. Together, they are the beat of Edinburgh, pumping life into the city everyday with their wonder and talent.

If you are interested in being involved with the heart. beat. project or have any questions, please contact me via the form provided.